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Life with Hope, 2nd edition eBook (both formats)


Purchase of this item includes download links to both Mobipocket and EPUB formats.  Both versions are readable on a wide range of reader devices, while the only format supported by Amazon Kindle is Mobipocket.


“How can we tell you how to recover? We cannot. All we can do is share with you our own experiences and recovery through the Twelve Steps of Marijuana Anonymous.”

This is the earlier Second Edition of Life with Hope: A Return to Living Through the 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions of Marijuana Anonymous, first printed in 2001. Included are fifteen stories sharing personal experiences of some of our members. They were written for the newcomer, for the addict who is still using and for anyone interested in marijuana addiction’s effect on a person’s life. The book fully describes the Steps and Traditions of the program as they relate specifically to marijuana addicts. It is an essential resource for any marijuana addict seeking recovery through the twelve step recovery program of Marijuana Anonymous.