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MA Information Pack – Digital Download




Note:  This Marijuana Anonymous Information Pack product is a partial sample of available MA pamphlets. A full set of MA pamphlets is contained in the New Meeting Starter Kit product. Members desiring to start a new meeting need not order both. All MA pamphlets are available for free download here.

The Marijuana Anonymous Information Pack product contains the following items printed on plain, US standard 8.5″x11″ letter size or 8.5″x14″ legal size paper:

  • MA Pamphlet Color Guide
  • MA Pamphlet P-01, For The Newcomer
  • MA Pamphlet P-04, Detoxing from Marijuana
  • MA Pamphlet P-05, Why Marijuana Anonymous?
  • MA Pamphlet P-08, Working the Program
  • MA Pamphlet P-14, Stories by Teens
  • MA Pamphlet P-15, For the Loved Ones of Marijuana Addicts
  • MA Pamphlet P-17, A Doctor’s Opinion About Marijuana Addiction

This selection of Marijuana Anonymous World Service Conference approved literature is intended for those unfamiliar with MA, including newcomers to the Fellowship, friends and family members of marijuana addicts, and addiction recovery professionals.

If there is a Marijuana Anonymous meeting is your area, we suggest that instead of ordering these materials, that you stop in at your local meeting. The people you find there usually offer these materials free of charge and can be an outstanding source of information and support.