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New Meeting Starter Kit print version




This selection of Marijuana Anonymous World Service Conference approved literature is intended for use by those starting a new MA meeting. Use the provided pamphlets as “masters” to duplicate for distribution at the meeting.

The Marijuana Anonymous New Meeting Starter Kit contains the following items printed on plain, US standard 8.5″x11″ letter size, or US standard 8.5″x14″ legal size paper:

-Cover Letter, including

  • The Path of the Group Conscience
  • Recovery Chip Information
  • Meeting Report

-MA Service Manual, Part 2 – The Group, including

  • Chapter 4—Meeting Officers
  • Chapter 5—Group Service Representatives
  • Chapter 6—The Group
  • Chapter 7—New Meeting Start-Ups
  • Chapter 8—Suggested Meeting Formats including additional reading and meeting record

MA Meeting Materials, including handouts, prayers and other meeting materials and information:

  • MA PI Meeting Sign
  • MA M-02, The Twelve Steps of Marijuana Anonymous (“How it Works”)
  • MA Handout H-04, The Twelve Questions of Marijuana Anonymous
  • MA M-03, The Twelve Traditions of Marijuana Anonymous
  • Who is a Marijuana Addict
  • MA Handout H-03, An Eleventh Step Prayer
  • MA Handout H-05, Third Step Prayer
  • MA Handout H-06, Closing (Unity) Prayer
  • The Serenity Prayer
  • MA Handout H-07, Set Aside Prayer
  • MA Handout H-01, Dangers of Cross Addiction
  • Group Meeting Record
  • A New Leaf Publications

MA Pamphlets, a complete set including:

  • MA Pamphlet Color Guide
  • MA Pamphlet P-01, For the Newcomer
  • MA Pamphlet P-02, About Sponsorship
  • MA Pamphlet P-03, Introduction to MA: A Meeting Format in a Pamphlet
  • MA Pamphlet P-04, Detoxing from Marijuana
  • MA Pamphlet P-05, Why Marijuana Anonymous?
  • MA Pamphlet P-06, Sharing Our Experience, Strength, and Hope: Personal Stories of Marijuana Addicts
  • MA Pamphlet P-07, Why H&I Panels
  • MA Pamphlet P-08, Working the Program
  • MA Pamphlet P-09, Personal Stories about Personal Commitments
  • MA Pamphlet P-11, Dangers of Cross Addiction
  • MA Pamphlet P-12, MA’s Service Structure
  • MA Pamphlet P-13, The MA Meeting and the Home Group
  • MA Pamphlet P-14, Stories by Teens
  • MA Pamphlet P-15, For the Loved Ones of Marijuana Addicts
  • MA Pamphlet P-16, Beginning Meditation: An Approach to Step 11
  • MA Pamphlet P-17, A Doctor’s Opinion About Marijuana Addiction
  • MA Pamphlet P-18, What about CBD?


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Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 9 × 12 × .5 in